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Updated: Tuesday, September 01, 2015

How To Set a Budget and Stick to it For Your Outdoor Patio Remodel

Creating and sticking to a home improvement projects budget is about as easy and comfortable as pulling teeth. But when it comes to a task as exciting as an outdoor space remodel, its necessary to think and talk about the budget before taking any further steps.

The good news is that with a little practice and some research, youll be able to conquer your patio design project and stay within your financial boundariesand maybe even have a little left over for that kitchen cabinet remodel youve been dreaming of tackling next

Plan and Prioritize

Its time to plan the actionable steps. Make sure your supply list includes preparation items, tools and decorative accessories. If youre redoing the outdoor brick pathway, will you be using any of the old brick? What type of concrete is needed, and is there a less expensive alternative? Are you looking to go eco-friendly or simply cheap and efficient? Nail down the details beforehand to eliminate potential headaches while shopping.

Research Realistically

When embarking on any new project, start by going over what resources you have on hand. Do you have an account allocated for home renovations, designated money under your mattress or a forgotten gift card or coupon in your desk drawer?

Next, whether youre looking to replace a brick walkway or reupholster outdoor furniture, research similar projects that have been completed near your location. Enti>

Taking all these factors into consideration, target each piece of the project to create a holistic budget. Then, purchase a gift card at the retailers where you intend to purchase supplies during the course of the project. Stores like The Home Depot even offer Project Cards and DIY Cards exactly for this purpose, so by allocating the money up front, youll be able to monitor the funds, see how theyre being spent, and avoid going over budget. Plus, you can safely give the card to a contractor to purchase supplies, without the concern of handing off a credit card to a stranger and youll be able to see exactly what things cost.

Editor in Chief

Lets be realisticits pretty common to grab a few extra items while roaming the aisles. Whether these are things you forgot to list or their shininess just happens to catch your eye, do a quick calculation to determine if those extra items are simply fun add-onsor budget breakers. While outdoor lanterns could seem like a necessity for the atmosphere you wish to create, they may be out of reach, for now.

Make sure to consider taxes, construction fees, labor costs, cleaning materials and any extra expenses you may have overlooked while budgeting. A good rule of thumb is to subtract 15-20 from your total available funds and >

Review and Refine

Even after the construction of your new patio is completed, you may notice that something is missing. Maybe the new walkway needs some romance or the reupholstered furniture needs one more layer of color. Then what? This is when you can go back for those add-ons that you edited from your cart previously. If you have a little bit left on your gift card, bring in some greenery, textiles or lighting to spruce up your space while you save up for some more elaborate upgrades.

When your birthday or the holidays come around, consider asking friends and family to give you specific gift cards so you can continue your renovation process. With outdoor patios or backyard spaces, its easy to switch up the decor seasonally to make the area look new, again and again.

Although its not easy, budgeting for an outdoor remodeling project is a task that will result in a beautiful, tranquil space you can be proud of. Remember to stick to your guns and go with your gut when starting projects and making big purchases. Ask advice from people who have completed a similar project and considerand differentiateyour wants from your needs. Before you know it, youll have a brand new outdoor area ideal for >

California interior designer Kerrie Kelly and her design lab team have worked with clients for years on home outdoor projects that come in on budget. Kerrie writes about her experiences with outdoor renovations and design for The Home Depot. For info on Home Depot gift cards that you might consider using for your next outdoor home project, you can visit the companys website.

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Clever Home Staging Tricks You Can Steal

Getting ready to sell your home? It would be awesome to hire a home stager.

Home stagers are paid to furnish a home and help it look its best. What they create isnt so much the ideal living environment but rather the idealized oneone in which there are no awkward furniture arrangements, toys on the floor, crumbs on the countertops, or surprises in the toilet. Its not maintainable for most people everyday, but boy, does it work when selling your home

Stagers typically have furniture and accessories at their disposalnot to mention interior design degrees. But they can cost hundredseven thousandsof dollars. Fortunately, you can achieve great results by using some of their tricks.

Clear it out and clean it up

The first step in preparing any home for sale is to clear it out and clean it up, getting rid of clutter and personal items and scrubbing it down.

"De-cluttering -- and having a pristine home from top to bottom -- are the no-brainers that can make your real estate look better than the house down the block," said Better Homes and Gardens. "Your home must be cleaner and less cluttered than its ever been. You need to banish not just the day-to-day buildup the mail, the shoes, last seasons clothes, the dog hair, but also several years accumulation."

Removing kids toys, outdated furnishings, and excessive knickknacks can help. Whatever you cant sell or donate, box up and store at a friend or >


A house that reflects your personal >

"Prospective buyers wont be able to picture themselves in the house if theyre surrounded by dozens of photos of your children and grandparents," said Bankrate.

Update the bathroom

Not everyone has the funds for a big bathroom renovation prior to selling. Smart changes can make a big difference.

"Avoid dated tile by painting. Bathrooms sell houses, but dated tile in a bathroom doesnt. A low-cost alternative to replacing the tile is to use paint," said HGTV. "First coat the tiles with a high-adhesion primer.

Next, brush on a special ceramic epoxy covering. For a fraction of the cost of new tile, you will have an up-to-date bathroom that brings in big bucks."

Pay attention to design details

After youve cleared away the clutter, you want to focus on creating simple, elegant designs. Its easier than it seems.

"For a visual impact on a table without a lot of fuss, remember a design basic: Groupings of odd numbers always do the trick Three of a kind, likehurricane jars, filled with something as simple as pinecones, makes a ridiculously easy and dynamic table scape," said Katie Jane Interiors.

Katie Jane Interiors

Up your curb appeal

Make sure you make a great first impression, or you might not have an opportunity to make a second impression.

"You may have spent hours making sure the kitchen is clean, and doing so is worth the effort," sad Bob Vila. "But remember, the facade is the first part of your house a potential buyer will see. A little landscaping can go a long way. Strapped for time? Potted plants placed around the front door will add welcome charm to your entryway."

Pay attention to odors

We get used to our environment, so we might notice that musty smell or cat box aroma. Have your realtor or a trusted friend do a walk through and give you an honest assessmentnot just of the way the house looks, but how it smells. Then take action to improve it. Start by steam cleaning the carpets and any upholstered pieces that need it.

Dont ignore the windows

Windows that are cloaked by outdated or heavy window coverings can negatively impact the image your home projects. Open the blinds and replace drapes with inexpensive versions that will let the light in and frame the views.


"Need to dress up a window but dont want to shell out big bucks for window treatments? Heres a trick: Use place mats," said HGTV. "First, apply a hook-and-loop fastener to the place mats and attach them in a row to a basic curtain rod. Now that the place mats are attached to the curtain rods, pin them together at the bottom, and youll have a stylish valance that costs about 12."

Upgrade the Furniture

Giving your home a fresh, clean look with new furniture can make it feel more modern and appeal to more buyers. Dont have money for new stuff? "Try giving worn-out pieces a pick-me-up with new pillows or a slipcover," said Bob Vila.

While youre at it, take a look at your furniture layout too. "Your preferred setup may not be the most appealing one to would-be buyers. Where logical, opt for a social layout that makes it easy to envision the space being enjoyed among family and friends."

Give rooms a single purpose

That home office that doubles as a guest room is useful, but when it comes time to sell your home, pick one and run with it. "Potential buyers are confused by extra rooms that have a mishmash of uses," said HGTV.

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New California Law Mandates Broker Supervision Course

Recently, the California Bureau of Real Estate BRE issued the following advisory:

"In July 2015, the California Legislature passed and the Governor signed Assembly Bill 345 .AB 345, Frazier, amending Section 10170.5 of the California Business and Professions Code the Code. The provisions of this Code section take effect on January 1, 2016. The essence of this amendment requires that broker licensees complete upon their first renewal as a broker, a three-hour continuing education course in the management of real estate offices and supervision of real estate activities Management and Supervision. Moreover, salesperson and broker licensees must complete an eight-hour continuing education survey course for subsequent renewals that includes topics in ethics, agency, trust fund handling, fair housing, risk management and management and supervision."

This has an effect on licensees, to be sure; but hardly a momentous one. "Ok, there will be some new and different courses required as part of the 45-hour continuing education requirement. Something more to keep track of, but hardly a big deal."

It is, however, a big deal for the providers of continuing education. If they want to be able to provide a full complement of required courses, they will need to have their Management and Supervision course written, approved by the BRE, and ready for delivery by January of 2016. They will also need to have made, and had approved, the mandated modifications to the eight-hour survey course. Of course they can have courses approved and ready later than January; but who will want to have a "coming soon" sign out when the competition is ready to deliver?

The Bureaus requirements for the content of the 3-hour course are specific and daunting. Guidelines have been published "to assist sponsors in preparing a Management and Supervision course" The following list is taken from those guidelines. It is a list of topics that must be included in the course. [I have omitted Code references and I have numbered the topics for ease of reference.]

  • How to establish policies, rules, and procedures including systems to review, inspect, and manage offices.
  • Supervision of all transactions involving a real estate license.
  • Retaining and reviewing documents which may have a material effect upon the rights or obligations of a party in a transaction.
  • The proper filing, storage and maintenance of documents.
  • Proper handling of trust funds.
  • Advertising of any service for which a license is required.
  • Familiarizing salespersons with the requirements of federal and state laws >
  • Regular and consistent reports of licensed activities of salespersons.
  • The role and responsibilities of branch or division managers, including salespersons acting as branch or division managers.
  • The responsibilities of a broker to ensure salespersons working as "teams" are in compliance with [recent Code amendments].
  • Supervision over restricted licensees.
  • All of the topics listed are taken from existing Commissioners Regulations and the Business and Professions Code. Still, some may come as a surprise such as 8 and some may cover ground that will be new to many e.g. 10.

    The suggested guidelines also contain this piece of advice: "Coverage of appropriate court decisions and practical examples and/or case studies as >

    The guidelines note that "Instruction time, including exam time, must total a minimum of 150 minutes three >

    Bob Hunt is a director of the California Association of Realtors. He is the author of Real Estate the Ethical Way.

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    Airbnb And Condominiums

    The Pope will be here on September 23rd. Millions of people will come to see and hear him. Where will they stay? Back in 2009, in anticipation of the large crowds wanting to be part of history for Barack Obamas inauguration, the District government >

    Currently, there are over 1000 possible rentals in the Washington metropolitan area. They range from a private room, a shared room, or even the entire apartment or house.

    But if you own a condominium apartment, you will most likely be in violation of the association legal documents. The bylaws of condominiums typically contain restrictions on leasing units. In some associations, the bylaws prohibit any leasing whatsoever. However, the majority of associations do allow leasing, but with either a six month or one year minimum term.

    Kyle Piers, a unit owner in Boston, learned his lesson the hard way. He was renting his one-bedroom condo unit for 200-300 per night, but his neighbors in the 31 unit complex were not pleased. The heavy traffic of daily visitors was a concern to the board of directors, and Mr. Piers was hit with a 9,700 fine for violation of the associations leasing restrictions.

    Housing advocates are complaining that landlords are depleting the housing stock because the short-term rentals are more lucrative than long-term leases. San Francisco recently enacted legislation which legalized such rentals, on the condition that the host must be a full-time resident, and they cannot rent for more than 90 days a year. Any such renter must register with the city.

    In addition to being subject to fines, a short term rental can trigger FHA sanctions. Stephen Marcus, a Massachusetts attorney whose law firm represents thousands of community associations in New England, and a member of the College of Community Association Lawyers, asked FHA for comment. According to Marcus, "A condo currently on the FHA approved site could conceivably find their approval in jeopardy. HUD is clear. Any short term rental, even one out of 100, could cause a problem with project eligibility and approval status."

    But Marcus conceded that FHA would probably not take such drastic action if the short-term rentals were limited to just the popes visit.

    What should association boards do? On the one hand, the board -- and its manager -- might want to take the position that we just do not want short-term rentals, period. That is the decision of the board, and the courts will most likely support the board. The "business judgment rule" is in effect throughout the metropolitan area. Oversimplified, the courts take the position that unless the board is doing something seriously wrong, it will not second-guess the boards decision.

    The board could also decide to temporarily waive the leasing restriction for a one or two day visit by the Pope. It would be prudent, however, to run that decision by the owners. Many owners just do not like strangers roaming all over the building, day and night. And as is occurring in San Francisco, owners may not want a precedent to be set. Will the board take the same action for the next inauguration? What about when the Nationals go to the World Series this year?

    These are difficult and complex decisions facing boards of directors. It not only involves losing FHA status, but >

    "Courts," added Marcus, "have upheld the desire for predominately owner-occupied condominium units. Airbnb has upset this goal by creating a hotel-type use with real issues including constant move-in and move-out, transient and security issues. Renters, many believe, tend not to take care of a property as well as owners residing in that property."

    If you do decide to use this service, here are a few suggestions. First, contact your insurance company to make sure you are fully covered. Next, you should personally contact your potential guests. If you have any hesitation, dont rent to them. You have the right to take a security deposit to protect you from any damage created by your guests. And finally, while this may be obvious, put all of your valuables in safekeeping, preferably away from the premises.

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    10 Tips for Turning Your New House Into quot;Our Homequot;

    When youre moving into a new house, the more you know about it before you must know during a high-pressure day, emergency, or crisis the happier you and your family will be.

    Closing day took care of the legal and financial aspects of taking on ownership of your new home while move-in day got you and your stuff into the premises. We helped you, sanity intact, move-in with Three Sanity-Saving Tips For Moving-In Day. To top off this success, weve compiled a list of practical "must dos" to ensure settling in is the beginning of belonging.

    Get off to a great start in your new home new or resale by attending to these "little details" which will also make this feel like "our home." Ignore them and they can cause problems down the road. Involve the whole family in dealing with these 10 tips and everyone will feel at home.

    1. Our New Passwords: Change codes and passwords for security systems and anything else you are taking over from the previous owner. Make sure the new version is significantly different, so it cant easily be guessed. Record passwords and keep in a safe place.

    2. Our New Keys: Change the locks on the house, garage, outbuildings, and gates. If youre happy with the existing hardware, a local locksmith can re-key or change the lock cylinder or replace the interchangeable core, depending on your system. Check window locks to ensure all are fully functional.

    3. Our Smoke/CO Detectors: Check with the local fire department to learn where smoke/ CO detectors and fire extinguishers are required or recommended. Interconnect units if possible. Check existing units for expiry dates. Never install a smoke/CO detector in your home without understanding how it operates whether it is hardwired or not. If not, install new batteries today and add a replacement date to your maintenance calendar. This will also be a move-in anniversary reminder.

    4. Our Manuals: Start a digital and/or paper folder for manuals for every appliance, detector, and operational device that could need repair or replacement. Jot down maintenance reminders on your maintenance calendar while you inventory what you have.

    5. Our Electrical Breaker Panel: Where is it? What does each circuit breaker connect to? Get out the labels and do a room-by-room check so you know whats what and record this by each breaker. If you have cable or other wired services, find out when the exterior and interior cables and hardware were last updated. You may be due for an upgrade.

    6. Our Water Shut-off: Where is the main shut-off? How do you turn off the water line to the refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine, and every other potential source of leaks? Check temperature settings where applicable to suit your conservation plans. If the water heater or anything else, is rented, compare this arrangement to the cost of buying a new one.

    7. Our Furnace: Clean or replace filters in the furnace, range hood, air conditioner, and any other filtered appliances. Note times for the next clean on your maintenance calendar.

    8. Our Clean, Dry Home: Steam cleaning carpets is a no brainer, but make sure gutters and downspouts are cleaned, too. To ensure the house stays dry, check that the grading is correct all the way around the house. Are windows and doors properly caulked to keep interiors cosy and draft-free? If youll be parking under sap-dripping evergreen trees, youll need something to safely remove the sap, but not the car paint.

    9. Our Undisturbed Garbage: Ask neighbors about local pests and wildlife to make sure you prevent their invasion. Thats a lot easier than getting rid of them once they settle in pests, that is, not neighbors. A copy of the garbage pickup schedule is essential.

    10. Our New Closets: Dont make do with someone elses closets. Fit out closets with racks and shelving that suits you. Do it now instead of later wishing you had and youll always be pleased you moved into your closets properly from the start.

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    Heart Of HOA Volunteerism

    At the heart of every homeowner association is the principle of "volunteerism". It is a noble calling which calls for personal sacrifice: giving up self interest for the greater good. Americans, arguably the most self-indulgent citizens of the world, have a curious ability to rise to the occasion and give of themselves. Americans donate considerable time, talent and treasure to the downtrodden of the world. Some pay the ultimate price for this noble work. There never seems to be a shortage of opportunities.

    The notion of volunteering in an HOA is usually cast as serving on the board but volunteerism actually takes on a variety of forms:

    Life>. HOA members agree when they buy in to voluntarily comply with rules, regulations and restrictions that non-HOA property owners are not required to do. These include architecture design, parking, pet and other significant life>

    Financial. HOAs always involve payment of money, sometimes a lot of money, to keep the operation perking along. With HOAs, reserve planning calls for setting aside money for future renovation that may not happen for up to 30 years. This kind of advance planning is necessary because HOA ownership interests are collective. Sharing assets like roofs and siding means that individuals no longer have maintenance responsibility, the HOA does. To fund these collective costs requires each owner to contribute the portion of the future costs proportional to the time in ownership. Doing so fairly distributes the cost according to the benefit received.

    Service. Volunteer service is where "the rubber meets the road". Directors of the board are called on to make executive decisions. If the HOA is professionally managed, the boards primary function is to oversee the manager who oversees the operation. An organized board using professional management can accomplish its calling with a only few meetings a year of a couple hours each. The obligation is light and volunteer directors have insider control over outcomes.

    Non-elected volunteer service comes in several forms. Committees can be either "standing" or "ad hoc". Standing committees have ongoing functions. Examples include Architectural Review, Landscaping and Pool. Ad hoc committees are formed for a single purpose that, once accomplished, ends the further need of the committee. Examples include Budget and Winter Social. Committees allow members with time and talent to focus on an area of interest without being on the front line. While some committees can have a demanding load Architectural Review, others can be low activity level.

    Neighbor. This is probably the most innate form of volunteerism. Each of us is called to care for our neighbor in tangible ways. The first step is to get acquainted. The next step is to find common ground or interests upon which to interact in an ongoing basis. The greatest step is to develop an actual interest in your neighbor as a person so that watching out for his concerns becomes a matter of habit.

    In the final analysis, all HOA members are volunteers in one capacity or another and to one degree or another. We cant avoid it. By presence or presents physically or financially HOA members join in and sacrifice personal interest for the greater good. And there are millions of such volunteers actively engaged in HOAs everywhere. You cant run. You cant hide. Enjoy the volunteer ride.

    For more innovative homeowner association management strategies, subscribe to

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    White Kitchens: Country Style vs. Modern Chic

    Youve decided to take the plunge and remodel your kitchen - perhaps your current space is a >

    Kitchen remodeling can be very expensive, so you want to choose your materials and design carefully. >

    White is a >

    Two popular design trends today are Country Kitchen and Modern Chic. So how do you choose?

    So much depends upon your personal taste and >

    Lets start by looking at the attributes of a >

    Warm and cozy. You want to sit down in a country kitchen and stay.
    Includes a variety of textures. Every surface in a country kitchen might be different, but all elements are coordinated to work together. Marble countertops look great with reclaimed wood. Shiny ceramic tile offers a nice contrast to painted cabinets.
    Shaker or flat panel cabinet fronts. Traditional Shaker cabinetry is the norm in country kitchens, and looks >Open shelving. Not only do open shelves keep needed items at hand; they allow you to display pretty collections like cast iron pots or china plates.
    An island often in contrasting color. To keep an all-white kitchen from looking like a laboratory, install an island in a contrasting finish and/or >Farmhouse sink. An apron front farmhouse sink is quintessential country, especially when paired with an old fashioned bridge->

    Display accessories. Country kitchen >

    Now lets look at the common attributes of a modern chic kitchen:

    Clean lines. While country kitchens tend to be more organic, modern kitchen design has straight, clean lines. Vertical and horizontal lines keep the space streamlined.
    Metallic accents. Metallic finishes are important in modern design schemes, including stainless appliances and polished, brushed or satin nickel or chrome hardware and accessories. Mix and match metallic finishes to avoid a cold and stark feel.

    Slab panel cabinetry. Flush or slab cabinets in glossy white lacquer are the ultimate in modern design.
    Simple hardware or no hardware. Euro >Uncluttered. Accessories and collections are ra>Minimalist. "Less" doesnt mean boring. Colors, textures and patterns should >

    If youve already settled on white, deciding between a country kitchen and modern chic is a matter of knowing your personality and life>

    You should choose modern chic if:

    • You cant stand clutter
    • You like a clean countertop
    • You prefer straight, even lines

    Choose a country kitchen if:

    • Straight lines feel stiff and clinical to you
    • You like to be surrounded by your things
    • You love varied texture and patterns
    Merri Cvetan is an interior designer with lots of experience designing kitchens for her clients. She shares great tips for The Home Depot that will help you decide what design >

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    Five Ways Bargain-hunting Can Backfire On Home Buyers

    Its natural to want to save money when youre making a purchase as large as a home. You want to buy the best home in the best neighborhood at the best price, and you may think the only way to accomplish your goals is to look for bargains. So instead of hiring a real estate agent, you scour the market for FSBOs, short sales, foreclosures, or homes that have been on the Internet too long.

    While youre bargain-hunting, here are five things you should keep in mind:

    Lowballing sellers doesnt work.

    They dont waste time with low-ball offers that they find insulting. Just as you want the home you buy to appreciate in value, sellers purchased their homes as investments, too. They want to net as much as possible, because they took a financial risk and had the foresight to buy the home they chose.

    This sense of entitlement -- that homes should only be sold at a profit - may cause them to overprice their homes or be less willing to negotiate. Youll feel the same way when it comes time for you to sell your home, so make your offer reasonably and respectfully. Show the comparables that led you to make the offer. Be open to compromise.

    Other buyers are getting professional help.

    Ninety percent of buyers use a real estate agent while youre spinning your wheels driving around neighborhoods and calling FSBO sellers who arent home to take your call. Soon, youll notice that the homes youre watching are going under contract with other buyers.

    True bargains are rare.

    Sometimes a distressed home will impact the prices of the other homes because they typically sell at a discount of 17 percent, according to the National Association of Realtors. The other sellers may discount their homes somewhat, but if theyre not in distress, dont expect them to negotiate as if they are. A bank foreclosure or bank-approved short sale could take months to close.

    If a home has been on the market for a long time without a price reduction, theres usually a good reason. You have an unmotivated, unrealistic, or upside-down seller, any of which could waste your time without resulting in a purchase. Move on to a deal that you can actually make.

    The home needs work.

    Sometimes a home will be marketed "as is," which suggests that it needs a lot of work. Or, a home may be well maintained, but its so out of date it looks like a vintage sit-com set. You could be looking at a money pit.

    Are you willing to perform the work or pay someone else to do the work? Before you buy, get a home inspection and then get bids from contractors who can help you bring the home up to todays standards. If the purchase price and repairs come to approximately the same price as an updated home in the same area, then go for it.

    Its not a bargain if it doesnt suit your needs.

    A home is a good buy only if it suits your familys needs for space, features, comfort, and function. If you buy a home without enough bedrooms or baths, youll pay more in transaction costs to sell the home and buy another thats more suitable. Choose wisely in the first place because it takes time to build equity. Your home should meet your needs for a long time.

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    How To Double Your Storage Without Building a New Closet

    No matter the size of your home or the number of closets you have, everyone is looking for more storage space. And while you may think getting the storage you need means moving or turning an entire bedroom into a new closet, there are ways to maximize the space you have.

    Use Space Bags

    The idea of vacuum-sealing your linens and winter clothes may seem strange, but it actually works. Does that mean you should go out and buy a dozen more down comforters? Probably not. But at least youll have a way to store them if you do.

    Create an eat-in alcove

    Not only does it give you a cozy place to sit for dinner, but also adds two great places to store your dishes and linens.

    "Two tall built-in cabinets on either side of this kitchen window create an instant alcove thats perfect for a comfy window seat banquette for eat-in convenience," said houselogic. Youll need 20 to 24 inches of depth to create a window seat with enough room for cushions along the back."


    Go up top

    The top shelf of a closet often remains empty simply because it is hard to access for most people. Thats what step stools are for. Slide one under your clothes or lean it against a wall so its always there when you need it. Then, line the shelf with zippered or lidded boxes that can house your things while keeping them dust-free.

    Redo your closet

    Yes, you could spend many hundreds of dollars on a custom closet, which would help create more space for your stuff. You can also do it yourself for considerably less. Or, go to Lowes and buy a closet rod that you can easily install halfway up your closet to double the amount of hanging space for a few bucks.


    Create a home office in a closet

    Yes, you have to >

    "A little-used closet is the ideal command center for a home-based business," said houselogic. "This tucked-away office features an inexpensive desk 100 to 300 as the main work surface. If things get messy, you can simply close the door. Chalkboard paint 15 per quart surrounds the door frame for quick dont-forget messages.

    This Old House

    Under the bed

    The space under the bed is prime real estate for ra>

    Organize your kitchen cabinets

    Kitchen cabinets can easily become cavernous messes without any built-in shelving or slide-out drawers. Use this inexpensive trick to keep your pans tidy, which will give you extra space for other kitchen items.


    You can get dividers starting at 3.99 here," said Buzzfeed.

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    Heart Of HOA Volunteerism

    At the heart of every homeowner association is the principle of "volunteerism". It is a nobl...
    > Full Story

    White Kitchens: Country Style vs. Modern Chic

    Youve decided to take the plunge and remodel your kitchen - perhaps your current space is a ...
    > Full Story

    10 Tips for Turning Your New House Into quot;Our Homequot;

    When youre moving into a new house, the more you know about it before you must > Full Story

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