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Ocean Point


Ocean Point
Address:  345 Ocean Dr
Area:  South Beach
Floors:  11
Price Range:  $279,000-$449,000
Rental Price Range:  $1,325.00-$2,250.00
Status:   Re-Sales

Ocean Point Description

If you’ve ever envisioned having ostensibly endless feet of beach in your own backyard, your wishes have become a reality at the Ocean Point condo standing right on Miami Beach’s perpetually stylish Ocean Drive.  From the beautiful views of the sunset on the Florida horizon to the serenity inducing vistas of the tranquil Atlantic, the Ocean Point offers comfort and tropical style in droves.

Like other condominiums in the area, the eleven story Ocean Point building has its own glimmering pool overlooking the ocean that makes for a wonderful and relaxing alternative to the beach.  Those who like to keep in top physical shape need only head over to the Ocean Point’s fully equipped fitness facility.  If you need to let everything go after a stressful day, simply make a visit to the building’s spa.  A laundry room convenience is also provided.

The homes at the Ocean Point feature generously sized private balconies which may end up becoming your favorite spot to relax in after a hard day at work.  The beach and waterfront views will instantly dissipate whatever your worries may be and are reason enough to consider a home at the Ocean Point.  The open kitchens have their own high end appliances and granite countertops and the bathrooms have recently been renovated with new deluxe fixtures.

South Pointe Park is just a short walk or a brisk jog away from the Ocean Point condo.  This lushly verdant commons has plenty of sections for hosting cozy picnics or participating in exhilarating sports activities with friends and family.  An observatory tower nearby makes the park an idyllic choice for couples or single individuals with children of their own.

Ocean Point Amenities

  • Dual parking spaces
  • Security
  • Swimming pool
  • Fitness Center
  • Spa
  • Laundry area

Residence Features

  • Private balconies
  • Superlative beach and ocean views
  • Granite kitchen countertops
  • Stainless steel appliances
  • Newly added bathroom fixtures
  • Located near all of Ocean Drive’s numerous bars, clubs, restaurants and more.

Local Products and Services


 Automobile  Banks  Child Daycare  Child Preschool
 Churches  Coffee  Communications  Computer Repair
 Elder Care  Fitness  Drug Stores  Flowers
 Gas Stations  Golf  Health Services  Library
 Mail & Shipping  Medical  Museums  Music Stores
 Post Office  Restaurants  Schools  Travel


Available Models


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